Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow, snow, snow.

21 December

12 January

29 January

Here in Boston we're in the middle of an unusually snowy and cold winter. Last year's was unusually UN-snowy, so this is kind of a shock to my poor Southern self. Last winter there were only two major snowstorms, so I welcomed spring with snow seeming magical and novel. This winter we've already had 7 storms totaling 60" of snow -- all in the past MONTH! To put this into perspective, the average snowfall for the season in these parts is just over 40", and February is historically the snowiest month. Oh, dear.

After reading Gayla's post about seedlings as therapy, I thought it might do my soul some good to start a few seeds, just as a reminder that spring WILL come and all this mess will melt! If they don't make it because I started them too early, well, what's 10 or 15 seeds? So today I started 3 calendula, 3 rapini, 6 mixed lettuces, 3 spinach, 3 red chard, and 3 dianthus. I tried to pick varieties that are not *too* far off from "proper" starting time, or that have a shot at growing indoors. But just the act of caressing seed packets, making room for my seedling trays, getting my fingers ever-so-slightly dirty? Already worth it even if nothing germinates. Ahhhh.

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